Educational Services

Providing schools and educational institutions with our specialized experience and understanding of educational technology

Working closely with many schools for the last two decades, we specialize in providing advice and services in the educational technology field including:

  • Creating and administering educational technologies budgets and working with schools’ Educational Technologies Committee in defining educational needs and direction for their funding requirements.
  • Training faculty and administration in methods to promote cooperative learning in problem solving for students throughout the curriculum, focusing on the use of simulations, databases, programming and problem solving software.
  • Researching and designing instructional technology including systems approaches to planning, managing and evaluating instructional processes and materials.
  • Assessing needs, recommending solutions and overseeing implementation of educational telecommunications and school-wide communication systems including classroom paging and building public address systems.
  • Designing and directing school-wide cabling implementation including the computer data and voice networks.
  • Integrating video conferencing and distance learning into the classroom.
  • Working with K-12 librarians to recommend the appropriate research and reference resources and train them in their use. Designing and implementing hardware solutions to allow these resources to be accessed throughout the school building, in addition to the library.
  • Working with Special Education and Resource Room experts to determine how educational technology can best serve their students.
  • Training educators in methods of management and educational administration; and helping administrators form faculty evaluations and assisting with interviews.
  • Designing and presenting seminars on various topics including: Jewish reference software and Internet sites useful in classroom demonstrations and simulations.
  • Advising parents and faculty on acquiring appropriate computer hardware and software for home use.